personal history

1968Born at Tokyo
1990 Graduated from a university Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Employed by Electronics company
1990 - 1995 Unix workstation development(architecture design, circuit design, LSI design, product evaluation)
1996 - 2001 server for a convenience store, multimedia KIOSK terminal development(circuit design, RTOS porting, firmware design , interact with overseas partners and vendors)
2002ElectroicVoting terminal development(architecture design, sales support)
2003 - 2012DigitalSignage terminal development(product planning, marketing, sales support(domestic & overseas), quality assurance, maintenance support) as a Strategic Business Unit manager
2007 - 2009OEM Workstation development(product planning, marketing, sales support, quality assurance, Maintenance support) as a Strategic Business Unit manager
2010 become handicapped due to a sequela of a brain disease
2012 resigned from a company
2013 start a business (consultation and development of software and hardware to support handicapped )


Touch panel for visually handicapped person
Input and output controller
Data processor
Memory control circuit
Interrupt controller
Bus bridge